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Love Is A Battlefield by Elle Kennedy & Vivian Arend

Love is a Battlefield - Vivian Arend, Elle Kennedy

Okay. So after quite liking Elle Kennedy's The Deal, I decided to give some of her other romances a go (this book is co-written with Vivian Arend, who I hadn't read before) cos I always need me some good romances.


I don't know if I can say I liked this. I liked it more than the first one &, like the first one, some lines did genuinely make me laugh... then other times I was just laughing at the book itself. Needing 'possession of the woman' was waaaaaaay too strong & nearly made my eyes roll out of my head. I truly can't stand the line 'you're mine' in any context. The storyline was pretty ludicrous/non existent. Clearly it was about the sex. But! I didn't see the plot twist until a few pages before. I feel pretty dumb about that, cos really Rachel? You dipshit. Only other thing to add is read Elle Kennedy if you like reading threesomes. Could be her thing cos both books in this series have them & another novella of hers I read also featured one.