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The Impossible Knife Of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson

The Impossible Knife of Memory - Laurie Halse Anderson

'Until then, we're going to keep making memories like this, moments when we're the only two people in the whole world. And when we get scared or lonely or confused, we'll pull out these memories and wrap them around us and they'll make us feel safe. And strong.'


Well. Finished my first LHA (okay I've listened to Twisted on audio, but I kept zoning out due to the horrible narrator). I saw her speak on two panels at the Sydney Writer's Festival this past w/e and she is most excellent. One of the panels was Realistic Issues In Teen Fiction, and it's clear as to why she was on that panel. From what I know of her books, some of them tackle serious shit. TIKoM = PTSD, which she has written about incredibly well. So while I wouldn't say it is a book that is easy to read because of this, I really quite liked The Impossible Knife Of Memory. Loved Hayley. She is strong as hell and she made me laugh (Finn too).


One of the things Laurie said on the panel (that resonates with this book) is that while sometimes her characters go though terrible things, she always tries to end her books on a hopeful note. So if by some miracle you're reading this, keep that in mind while reading TIKoM. Especially when you hit page 342.